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Ann Kirkpatrick
Owner - Director of Events

Ann Kirkpatrick is a veteran professional in the wedding and event industry, presently holding the position of Food and Beverage Director at Catering by John Lowe. Born into a family deeply rooted in the business, Ann is the daughter of John and Susan Lowe, both of whom have extensive experience in the industry. This familial legacy has provided Ann with an immersive experience in the Company, where she has been a full-time employee since 2007.

Ann has managed a diverse portfolio of high-profile events throughout her illustrious career, such as the esteemed Philadelphia Flower Show, Penn Relays at the University of Pennsylvania, and the 2008 World Series VIP tents. In addition to these, her impressive repertoire includes coordinating numerous weddings, exhibiting her exceptional proficiency in culinary arts, event planning, team and facilities management, marketing strategies, client relations, décor arrangements, and sales.

Michael Kirkpatrick
Owner - General Manager

Michael Kirkpatrick brings the team a robust leadership and operations management background. With a pivotal role in ensuring remarkable experiences for couples on their special day, Michael draws from his vast experience in manufacturing and his service as a combat infantryman in the U.S. Army. His skills in project management and meticulous attention to detail, honed from these roles, prove invaluable to the wedding industry.

Formerly serving as Plant Manager and Facilities Manager for 11 years at a manufacturing company, Michael's experience extends to overseeing large-scale projects, inventory management, and fostering solid relationships with vendors and customers. His proven ability to flawlessly execute events and manage complex logistics has established him as a trusted professional in the wedding venue industry.

Driven by a genuine passion for creating unforgettable moments, Michael offers Broadside Events, LLC, a unique fusion of business management, facilities expertise, and unwavering leadership. His steadfast commitment to excellence and ability to excel in high-pressure environments render him invaluable in delivering exceptional wedding experiences.

Why Broadside?

The Kirkpatrick’s can trace their family all the way back to Scotland in the 1300’s.  To the times where a family crest carried mottos as a way to represent a family’s unique identity and legacy. During the Scottish war of independence, Sir Roger de Kirkpatrick, a first cousin of Sir William Wallace, saw his friend Robert the Bruce running from a church. He told Sir Kirkpatrick he had wounded John “The Red” Comyn with his dagger and said “I must be off, for I doubt I have slain the Red Comyn”. “Doubt?” Kirkpatrick answered in Broad Scots “I mak sikker” and rushed into the church to finish Comyn. Weeks later Robert the Bruce, now king of Scotland, awarded this motto to the Clan Kirkpatrick and it can still be seen on the Crest today.

I Mak Sikkar

I mak sikkar translated means “I’ll make sure” or “I make sure”. What a powerful statement to make about a person or persons. We get asked often, what is the significance of the name Broadside? Broad comes from Broad Scots, the language used when these immortal words were first bestowed to Michael’s ancestors. We like to try and embody that feeling in everything we do. We believe so strongly in the message that we chose not too long ago to have it permanently etched on our own skin. The thought is that when times get tough or something seems insurmountable we can glace down and know we will can and will carry the load.

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